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With every step, your feet tell a little story.



A thousands steps ago, along the distant paths of memory, a thread gave birth to the history of Leizu.

Legend has it that the Empress of China was having her tea under a mulberry tree when, suddenly, a cocoon fell into the cup.

The young lady realized that, due to the heat, a thread was emerging from the cocoon and with a pull, she was able to unravel it, discovering that it was very thin, strong and with a wonderful softness.

That was the origin of silk.

Then came the Silk Road, from East to West, travelers and merchants carried the new material to palaces, royal courts and abbeys. Much later, between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries, thanks to its growing number of artisans, silk weaving established itself as the leading industry in the city of Valencia, with the Lonja becoming its most important window to the world.

Damasks, velvets, brocades filled with flowers, leaves and figures of all colors.